Freesr Speech Recognition allows you kucoin to create voice commands for any applications. You can then share your voice commands for any program with others (these are called ‘templates’ which can be exported/imported freely).

So go and make an awesome voice interface for your favorite app and then share it with the world! Freesr makes this possible. It’s as simple as a mouse click and some typing. No programming or cryptic macros required. Freesr includes over 20 actions that can automate any program. 


Assigning an action is super simple. Just add a new voice command, type in the command, localbitcoins and add actions. Actions include: 1) Send Key Combination 2) Run / Open 3) Send Text 4) Mouse Click 5) Open Website. And many many more!

Freesr listens to you speak!

Basic demo video.



Freesr’s side window showing voice commands.

About Me


My name is Max Roth and I work in voice recognition. Freesr is a project hitbtc I wrote many years ago and I’m thrilled to release for free personal use to the world! Please click the ‘About’ on the side menu to read about the work I’ve done. I am a consultant on voice recognition software projects (PC, Mobile, Automotive, etc) and can be reached via that web page.